After the recent announcement from Facebook regarding the huge timeline changes (read the post from Mark Zuckerberg here,) many entrepreneurs have been worried about how these updates will affect their businesses. There’s no doubt that when it comes to your Facebook Page, your visibility is likely to decrease even further in the coming weeks, but don’t freak out just yet! There are other areas where you can spend your time promoting your business that will yield even better results and skyrocket your business’ growth. These areas are within Facebook Groups and they’ve proven to be a very valuable marketing strategy for many business owners, including myself!

When I first started joining Facebook Groups, I was a pretty big lurker, and I didn’t engage at all. I only joined groups to take in the knowledge that people had to offer and learn from the mistakes that others often vented about. The information definitely helped me learn more about various areas of business, but by not engaging, I was missing out big time! After I started engaging in the community, I went from having a few Facebook referrals a month to my site, to Facebook being my #1 referral and where a majority of my clients find me. (I went from an average of 20 unique monthly visitors to over 400 in a matter of months from Facebook alone!) So if you’re feeling discouraged by the recent timeline changes, don’t give up on the platform just yet! Below, I’ve listed out how to skyrocket your business’ growth with Facebook groups which have exploded my website’s traffic and helped me connect with many clients as well as other entrepreneurs that have aided in my growth even further.


How to Skyrocket Your Business’ Growth with Facebook Groups

Learn How to Skyrocket Your Business' Growth with Facebook Groups - Tarango Visual Studio Business Tip Blog

Learn How to Skyrocket Your Business' Growth and Explode Blog Traffic with Facebook Groups - Tarango Visual Studio Business Tip Blog

1. Join Facebook Groups specific to your niche

The most obvious advice I can give you is to make sure you’re joining groups that are actually within your niche. Don’t try to sign up for 10 different “garage sale” or “promotion” type groups where the wall is a giant free-for-all and anyone can post whatever they want. When you post something in those types of groups you are doing so in the hopes that maybe 1 person will see it in the madness and be interested in what you have to offer (not likely.) These types of groups have never worked for me in either a service or product based business. I advise to skip these types of promo groups and opt-in for more niche-based groups. You don’t have to get too specific, but don’t get so broad that no one will be interested in what you’re trying to promote.

2. Join groups where your clients / customers will be

In addition to joining groups that are within your niche, you need to make sure that they are also groups where your target audience will be hanging out. For example, if you’re a virtual assistant, it’s smart to join groups where your fellow VA’s hang out to learn from one-another, but don’t make these groups the majority of the ones you join. You’ll want to mostly join Facebook Groups where people are looking to hire you and if you’re in a group with only virtual assistants, it’s not going to help your business’ growth very much.

3. Be active

After you’ve found your niche-based Facebook Group(s), introduce yourself, get acquainted with the rules, and figure out which days you’re allowed to promote your business. Note that some groups are stricly “No Promo” and will not allow you to share your links at all. Create a schedule to make remembering the days in which you can promote your business easier (download the template freebie below!) Be sure you take advantage of these promo days as it’s free advertisement and many entrepreneurs are looking to connect with others or find someone to work / collaborate with!

4. Be helpful

The most important piece of advice I can give you with how to grow your business in Facebook Groups is to be helpful. You don’t want to solely focus your energies on promoting your business on the daily prompts. Yes, this will bring some traffic to your website, but you want to make a better connection with the community and show others that you are someone to turn to if they need help with {enter your speciality here.} Every day entrepreneurs are posting questions and asking for help with various issues. If you see someone in need of assistance in an area that you specialize in, hop on their post and offer some advice on how to solve their issue. You can even offer to complete the task for them (if it applies) and send them a link to your website which others interested in the answer will see as well.

TIP: You can use the “Search” feature to filter group posts by keyword which will better separate the questions within your specialty for you to answer.

The most common question that gets asked within the groups I’ve joined is, “Which website platform is the best for my business?” I answer this question so much (almost daily) that I created an answer that I copy & paste in. I eventually wrote a blog post answering the question in greater detail. (Read 7 Reasons Why You Should Choose WordPress Over Squarespace & Wix!)

5. Don’t join too many groups

To ensure you leave a memorable presence, you don’t want to join “too many” Facebook Groups. Focus on a couple of groups where you really dive in and answer the questions on a regular basis. People will start to recognize your name and will remember that you’re always helpful in whatever profession you’re in. Being a part of too many groups can also make it more difficult to keep track of the daily prompts and posts. It’s best to choose between 2 – 4 groups to spend most of your time browsing and answering questions in to get more acquainted with the community.


6. Only promote your business in appropriate times / areas

Last, but definitely not least, is to make sure you’re following the rules, being respectful, and not being overly spammy. If people notice that you’re only hopping in posts to promote your services or website, it will definitely leave a bad taste in their mouth which they will likely remember. Some good rules of thumb to follow are:

  • DO make sure to keep your overly promotional and sales posts on the appropriate “Promo” threads.
  • DON’T create sneaky article length posts which end in you making people sign-up for your list to grab whatever “offer” you have. This is the best way to get banned in most groups where promotion on the wall is not permitted. If you are unsure whether your post is too promotional or not, it most likely is.
  • DON’T solicit your business on a post that’s asking about something vaguely in the area of your service.
  • DON’T hijack a conversation between 2 entrepreneurs looking to work together by offering your “slightly better” services.
  • DON’T PM someone without their permission. If they’re interested in contacting you, they will send one themselves or get in touch through your website.


I hope these tips prove to be useful in your business, they definitely have been in mine! Do you have any other tips to improve your business’ growth with Facebook Groups? Let me know in the comments below!

Download the posting schedule template so you can easily keep track of which days to promote your business in your Facebook Groups:

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Download the posting schedule template so you can easily keep track of which days to promote your business in your Facebook Groups:


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